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tv   Nightline  ABC  August 26, 2016 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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this is "nightline." >> we take you inside a dramatic active shooter drill. armed gunmen, explosives, fake victims and real life chaos. >> drop your weapon! >> training officers with a tough new philosophy to deal with these nightmare scenarios. plus, she's the girl with no job, but she is cashing in big time like this one. >> having no job is my job. >> why are companies paying her big bucks? and move over, beyonce. we're calling anybody who finds single babies cute. this infant is going viral while sleeping on the job.
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>> they're all morons any way.
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good evening. shots fired at a high school. hostages strapped to explosives. a nightmare scenario for law enforcement. how do they respond? tonight you're going to see police stage an extraordinary
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it all plays out on camera. >> reporter: inside this colorado high school, we are on the front line of one of the most dynamic active shooter drills in the country. make it as real and stressful as possible. gory make-up on victims. fire alarms, heavy smoke, deputies rushing in amid screams and confusion. the mission? to subdue the shooter as as possible. >> they're going to have to prioritize. what is the priority? save life. >> sergeant engle is coordinating with the sheriff's department in suburban denver. >> there has to be that immediacy. the aggressive action. >> with 248 mass shooting sthis year and counting, his department and those around the country are using real life
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>> you incorporated some of orlando into what you're doing. >> having a situation where we had a whole bunch of folks surrounded by a device. how are we going to move people from a place of danger to a place of security? >> reporter: and this school mere miles from columbine high in a region that has seen more than its share of mass shooting tragedy. >> there is been a day of horror in lile >> a horrific scene east denver where a night at the movies has turned into a nightmare. >> colorado is kind of the he said center of these active killer events. >> when columbine was attacked in 1999, hit long been the policy for officers to wait outside for the s.w.a.t. team to arrive. but that 45-minute delay before officers went in was later criticized for allowing the gunmen to continue their killing spree. precious moments lost that might
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>> i was one of the first to columbine. we did have to stand outside, uniformitily, and wait for the building to be cleared before we could go in and find survivors. >> today training calls for even the most junior cops to immediately take the fight to the bad guy and take him out. >> officers, when they call out of the law enforcement academy, we would like them to have that ability to go in as a single unit or a two-person unit to go in and take care that's the reality. >> this is what i signed up for. i'm going to be scared. i know that. it is about how you control your emotions and you funnel that into something effective. >> she knows the heart ache all too well. she went to columbine high school. >> we have a lot of very local things that we can go to for experience to train from. it has happened just miles away. >> today's drill, more than 60 officers and 50 students acting as victims.
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hits home. >> when something like newtown, san bernardino, orlando happens, do those things keep you up at night in. >> i think about them quite a bit. i really do. this is my passion. >> what's the goal now? >> the goal now is to be able to render medical aid quickly. to save more lives. that's what it boils down to. the tip of the spear. the goal is to get bad guy out of the equation. >> if your partner gets hit, what do you do? >> the first scenario of the day begins. >> two shooters wearing tan pants and black shirts. >> like a nervous excitement. the anticipation. you want to do really well for your teammates and the teem you're trying to help out. >> they get ready to rush in. the officers navigate through pandemonium. >> this is what you call a
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together. moving right to the threat as fast as they can. they quickly overtake gunman. but the teams find even simulated chaos comes with real problems. even real wounds. >> the bad guy obviously got one off. and i took a round as soon as i even plus all that noise drounls out radios. now police have more to worry about. they must also protect unarmed paramedics moving in right behind them. >> we'll provide service while they're rendering aid. >> for today's final will deal with a worst-case scenario. shots fired at a high school. hostages strapped to explosives.
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gunshots. down hallways, not knowing how many gunmen there are. just as things are heating up at the high school, another call, sending deputies to a different school up the street. two deputies head in alone. no time to wait for back-up. inside, helpless victims. one student chained to a bomb. these cops k priority is to eliminate a threat. a shooter in a first floor bathroom. >> come out with your hands up! >> but just as the officer tries to take final shot, her gun jams. the back-up arrives just in time. >> they're pinned in the bathroom. do we move?
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>> suspect down! one suspect down. >> but upstairs, a surprise second shooter. >> drop the weapon. officers quickly take him down. when it's all over, they talk about what went right and what went wrong. >> who identified themselves as the how chaotic would it be? how day on the sic with it the supervisor? now imagine without. there needs to be, trying to get that command and control. >> as jarring as the day was, sergeant engle hopes it has given his troops a taste for the real thing. >> we had ieds, multiple threats, multiple engagements,
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that's what scares you. >> you think it is coming this way. >> it's here. >> he knows the harsh reality for them. it is not a matter of if she'll use what she learned today but when. >> i'm going to feel a heck of a lot more prepared than did i coming into today. that's for sure. you'll still have all the emotions but at least i have some sort of base to build on now. >> everybody has to be ready. the first day on the job to the guy who will we want them all to be ready. a warrior is a warrior and it never quits. >> in high lands ranch, colorado. next, how one girl no job turns silly pictures and an instagram account into a large income. now her boyfriend is in on the action. and lady, a baby going viral with help from a very creative
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to anybody above the age of, have an instagram account, get millions of followers and turn it into a lucrative job, probably sounds crazy. maybe we're the ones who are crazy. check out who rebecca jarvis recently met? >> it is happy hour in new york city. dozens of 20 somethings are here for a meet and greet with one of their favorite celebrities.
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favorite memes. like a cat who looks like this after a shower. or this photo of kim kardashian passed out on a bed saturday night despite making plans to go out. and this hilarious take on summer dieting or the lack there of. her name is claudia and she's built a massive following on instagram as the girl with no job. >> so you do have a job. but it is a loophole because having no job is my job. >> she is a member of the rising class of social media celebrities with. 2.3 million followers on instagram, it has become a profitable business. she calls it relatable humor. funny pictures with witty captions. what's the trick to getting a perfect post? >> an it willics are really important. i can see the top ten posts that
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watching on the weekend. very self-deprecating and something along those lines will do well. >> her friend ben got in on the action, too. >> hi, it's me. >> he just so happens to have a wildly successful instagram account of his own. boy with no job. one of his recent memes was weekend goals. >> she had a very large female market share. i was very, very bored and it seemed lik >> extend the brand. >> we had no clue it would go anywhere. i recently have a million followers which is a very, very big deal for me. >> chaud i can't's journey began when she got fired from her first internship as a freshman at nyu. >> how quickly was it from then to now? >> i posted five times a day for two years now. wasn't like a pivotal moment.
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growth which is cool. a lot of my posts remind people of things that happen. they can relate to it so much that they feel the need, amanda, look at this. that's good for me. that's how i grow. >> this level of engagement is appealing to big brands. influencers like claudia are cashing in. mcdonald's paid her to post this meme. a simple expression of love for chicken nuggets. >> ball park it what kind of money do each of these brands offer? >> i'm not at liberty to discuss it. >> brands that i've talked to, people that i've talked to have been paid $10,000 for a single post. >> it doesn't matter how many followers you have. that's why a brand will be, she has 5 million followers. so it might be better to work with someone who has less followers but a higher engagement rate. >> i know you're making that
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advertisers. >> i happen to have a really high engagement rate. >> for example, while britney spears has over 12 million followers compared to claudia's 2 million. what goes into being an influencer? what do you do on a daily base you? >> lots of down time on my couch with my computer. i take lots of cabs d i'm traveling around the city being the digital kerry bradshaw. >> today we're tagging along as she meets with her branding partner, the liquor cabinet. >> we're so happy to have you here. >> i'm obsessed with your office i want to live here. >> they're prepping her for an upcoming party she'll be hosting. >> this weekend we are throwing a party in vegas which i just found out, 4,000 people will be
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morning achblt it is a perfect brand to follow with. my followers, partying, drinking cocktails and it is like a really young brand. >> here's one of the captain morgan sponsored memes. >> we've been partnering with people like claudia. we're looking for people who are a brand personality. she emulates fun. >> for a gig like this, she stands to net $5,000 to $100 not bad for a weekend in vegas. and she is hoping the expand her expertise even further. by breaking into the dj game. >> we're here at scratch academy. i think it would be good for my resume. it is really fun. i figured if paris hilton can do it, so can i. a lot of my content, music. who better than me to become a
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when i go to events. i don't think i'm in a place from a talent standpoint or a skill standpoint to become a full time dj. i'm not there yet. that's hashtag goals but i'm not there yet. >> speaking of hashtag goals, earlier this summer she celebrated her biggest milestone yet. boy no job dropping to one knee asking girl with him. a match made in instagram heaven. next, internet fame of an entirely different variety. given how hard it can be to get your baby to sleep, you might think this mom is tempting fate. her elaborate costumes going viral tonight. ? your heart loves omega-3s.
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. four years ago i was diagnosed with breast cancer but early treatment saved my life. so i'm really outraged that joe heck parenthood which thousands of nevada women depend on for cancer screenings. congressman heck even threatened to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood.
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i can tell you as the father of a 1-year-old it is basically impossible for me to resist
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social media. my forays are nothing compared to the woman you are about to meet. she's the sleeping baby taking the internet by storm. 4 mold joy choi garnering attention thanks to these hillary just costumes. thanks to the work of her mom. while joy sleeps, mom gets busy creating material around the house. there are dead lines. joe is only quiet for an hour or so. what started as a fun way to keep the family in the loop has now very quick will you become a viral sensation. the newborn is now hitting all the cultural high notes from slash -- ? to run dmc. it is not tricky to see why
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>> young lady! you know you have to pay for those. >> while stranger things have happened on the internet -- >> ? just keep swimming swimming swimming ? >> legions of fans still finding her pretty cute. ? all the single ladies ? >> calling all the single babies. okay. i can't resist. here's my son last alexander. not quite as ambitious and joy but they are pros. we're online 24/7 on abc and on our "nightline" facebook page. thanks for watching.
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justin bieber celebrates sofia richie's 18th birthday, plus james corden strips down for "rolling stone." what the rate-late show host has to say about being heavy in hollywood. does ariana grande have a new man? we'll tell you who the pint-sized pop star was seen locking lips with and how the
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then nick cannon heads back to school. >> plus thor and loke put their differences aside for some very lucky kids. >> chris hemsworth and tom hiddleston prove they're superheroes in real life, too. >> hi, buddy. big stars, big hollywood. celebrity page starts right now. >> i'm sonia isabel with all of your entertainment news. lorri laughlin is the cover of celebrity page magazine. we're going inside the pages of the big story. the full house star taking a cue from aunt becky, managing her career in the spotlight while making a conscious effort to be present for her children. the star telling us, quote, when they were little i did not leave town for work and passed on a lot of things. the actress accepting plenty of different roles and she's starring alongside her oldest daughters a bella in the


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